Mac TCP/IP networking

Pete Turnbull pete at 
Thu Oct 26 03:00:24 CDT 2000
Subject: Mac TCP/IP networking

On Oct 25, 16:45, Sean Caron wrote: > I've actually got the software, already, though. It turns out that Cayman > has it > available on their FTP site for free now, along with the software-unlock > passwords (which are on their web site). I'm told by a colleague that ome of the later versions are actually inferior to 2.x -- he said there was some problem in later versions that made the GatorBox run out of memory after a while. > The problem with my particular GatorBox is that the former users of it had > set a password on it which makes it so that I cannot reconfigure the > GatorBox using the GatorConfig (if I remember correctly) utility. It asks > for the password before saving the configuration, which I do not have. > > Apparently, Cayman used to have some sort of back-door for getting > back into locked GatorBoxes, but it says on their web site specifically > that they are no longer offering lock-out support for them, which is > kind of a shame, since they are extremely useful boxes. It's listed in the Hardware Manual (and mentioned no [sic]] a couple of web sites). You connect a terminal (or PC or Mac) to the serial port (VT100, 9600 baud, 8N1), set the Ethernet switch to "test", power the GatorBox, and you should get a menu. Select the code memory test, which wipes all the settings. However, you will need to re-install the GatorShare software afterwards, which will require a Mac and a "download server" (could be a TFTP server). -- Pete Peter Turnbull Dept. of Computer Science University of York More information about the cctalk mailing list

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